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How Can We Do Business With Facebook Messenger Marketing?

One of the newest ways to reach a large audience through Messenger is to make a direct connection with potential customers. As many as 75% of U.S. consumers message businesses to make purchases or make reservations. Whether customers are on the phone or in person, enabling a conversation through Messenger is a great way to increase conversions and customer satisfaction. As a result, businesses should enable their Messenger marketing campaigns to include transaction options, especially for businesses with longer sales cycles.

Another way to reach customers on Facebook Messenger is to create a branded chat box on your website. By using this feature, businesses can quickly and easily reply to frequently asked questions. Businesses can also link the box to their website and make it visible to consumers. Because more people are using messaging apps, businesses should embrace Messenger as a platform to reach more people. Not only will businesses be able to reach more people, but they will also be able to provide superior customer service and generate high quality sales leads.

For example, a chatbot can provide a personalized service that addresses common customer questions, and can even start a conversation without a live person. Businesses should also consider how Messenger marketing fits into their existing relationship-driven marketing strategy. The benefits of this channel are clear: it can scale marketing efforts without being time-consuming. A well-designed chatbot can guide prospects through the sales funnel and deliver valuable resources.

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