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How Do New Lawyers Who Don’t Join Large Law Firms Find Clients?

In order to find clients, new attorneys should start by visiting other attorneys’ offices and telling them that they’re looking for work and are prepared to take on any case that comes their way. Then, ask if they’d mind sending you a case, which you can almost guarantee will happen. It is not uncommon for attorneys to dismiss potential clients out of hand – they assume the janitor in the building isn’t a client.

Once your website is live, you can use it to engage potential clients. Post simple questions and get real-time responses from people who are searching for a lawyer. You can also engage with them and respond to their reviews. This way, you can build a solid reputation and attract clients. Make sure to give them an actionable contact number or email address. If you have a good website, people will want to hire you if you’ve done a good job.

A key to finding clients is diversifying your client base. People leave companies, mergers happen, and needs shift. It is therefore important to develop relationships with many people in a client organization. This will help you avoid being left behind. And the best way to keep up with this change is by using a variety of tools. And most importantly, you’ll never feel overwhelmed! So, where do you start?

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