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The Biggest Problem With Distance Learning in Schools

Parents often complain about the lack of supervision and the time required for lessons. It is not uncommon for children to need constant supervision and help from an adult during the day. In some cases, this may be too much for parents to manage, especially those with multiple children or those with disabilities. Nonetheless, parents can help students succeed by creating support groups and acting as experts in a subject. Moreover, they can also be resources for other parents who are also interested in learning from their children.

One of the major problems with distance learning is that it is difficult to meet the needs of students in different locations. In schools with limited resources, such as low-income areas, many students do not have reliable internet connections. As a result, teachers must plan around the unpredictable nature of events. It is not easy to provide an experience equivalent to that of traditional schooling. Despite the many benefits of distance learning, educators say it is not yet the ideal solution.

In addition to the lack of access, English learners also found it difficult to participate in distance learning programs. English learners lost valuable opportunities for practicing their language skills, and limited English comprehension made it difficult for parents to help students with the curriculum. Despite the challenges, some school districts are trying to address this issue by increasing their access to internet, adapting their instructional methods, and partnering with Spanish language television networks.


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